Fast & Reliable Development
Thanks to our multi sectorial expertises we can fit different domains, from TLC, automotive, automation to biomedical, simulation and green/low power.


Cuttin' Edge Technology
If you need a dedicated and flexible hardware, our experience with FPGA and DSP programming is at your disposal, as our knowledge in Low Power systems.


Your Ideas, Our Work
We choose a 4 step path to meet your needs and realize your final product: prestudy, design, development, prototyping.

Brevetti+, finanziato MISE tramite Invitalia

L’opportunità che ci è stata offerta dal bando Brevetti+ finanziato dal MISE tramite Invitalia, ci ha permesso di usufruire di una serie di consulenze specialistiche con lo scopo di valorizzare il brevetto Sentry e avvicinarci ulteriormente al mercato.
Brevetti+ Sentry

Our Portfolio


Technology Transfer

Support for BioMed Projects


Technology Provider

Athena - Advanced Telescope for High ENergy Astrophysics



AI hardware accelerator powered by 4608 neurons on eight neuromorphic chips (NM500 ASIC) and very fast in FPGA neurons. The on


Automotive Control Systems

An IoT System for Tanker Load Management LogOil



Patented system for real-time detection of incorrect movements and data transmission to the clinician

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Reasons for Choosing Us

SWHARD provides a complete R&D solution, from problem analysis to project execution going though the design, prototyping and development of the product.

  • We support the customer in identifying the optimal solution in terms of quality, time and costs to new or already known problems exploiting the latest technology.
  • Thanks to a wide range of skills, we help the customer in defining system specifications, development strategies and tools to maximize resulting quality of the product.
  • We can actually handle all the phases of product development such as hardware design, components selection, layout, mechanics and mostly the embedded / real-time software: from low level firmware up to user interface.
  • We eventually offer our experience to maintain the product performing the proper enhancements to keep it competitive on the market.

SWHARD is made up by a group of people coming from different and complementary domains of research and development where motivation, the desire of challenge and the passion for your own job are required skills. Moreover, SWHARD relies on a network of professionals worldwide to solve problems requiring specific competences.